CORONAVIRUS: between teleworking and maintaining production within Dômes Pharma Group

Since the announcement on March 13, 2020, the Dômes Pharma Group has set up a crisis unit to organize business continuity and coordinate actions. Priority has been given to the protection of our employees, particularly those at our EUROPHARTECH plant, which continues to produce pharmaceutical products.
Here is a brief overview of the activity of each of our subsidiaries to date.

In the context of the health crisis we are currently experiencing and since the transition to level 3 vigilance, all the measures have been implemented by Europhartech to protect its employees and guarantee the continuation of business for its customers. To date, our production staff, i.e. 80% of our employees, are present, which enables us to maintain our usual level of activity. All precautions are taken to guarantee adequate working conditions for our employees in order to meet our business continuity plan. All employees who are able to work remotely have been placed on teleworking. These new protective measures and their implementation could cause some delay in certain procedures and we thank you for your understanding. The ANSM has asked us to maintain the activity by prioritizing the production of human drugs and the Drugs of Major Therapeutic Interest are given priority. This information applies at this time, pending future government decisions or announcements and subject to the uninterrupted component supply chain.

AUVEX and TVM laboratories (France and UK)
At Auvex and TVM, the sales forces have ceased their activity in the field but remain operational to answer their customers’ questions by phone and e-mail and to assure them of all their support. All the other departments are also teleworking to ensure the continuity of their priority missions.

All Wanimo teams are teleworking. Employees are working hard to meet the large influx of orders generated by the introduction of containment. Although supplies are assured, the difficulty lies in shipping, with the closure of relay points and the reduction in postal service, which results in delivery times well above average.

All employees telework to carry out their support missions for the Group’s subsidiaries.

Trophies of Puy-de-Dôme Enterprises : DÔMES PHARMA wins in the “international” category

On February 5, Dômes Pharma was awarded the “International” prize at the Trophies of Puy-de-Dômes Enterprises organized by the daily newspaper La Montagne. The jury rewarded the group’s ambition to conquer the international market and the successful opening of its first foreign subsidiary in England, TVM UK, in 2017.

With international sales increasing from 2.75% in 2015 to 10% in 2017, the Group is on track to achieve its 25% target for 2020. To achieve this, Dômes Pharma plans to open other subsidiaries in Western Europe and to establish its products in North America (Canada, USA) in the coming years.

Honoured to receive this award on behalf of her group, Anne Chauder stressed that it is a reward for the work of an entire team: “Every time we win a prize, the whole group is rewarded. I congratulate all employees for the work they have done and for the challenges they face every day to accelerate the group’s development and transformation.”

Already present for 3 years in the Puy-de-Dôme, the Trophies of Puy-de-Dômes Enterprises aims to become an essential meeting point for the economic actors of the department but also to highlight local companies and promote their products and initiatives.

To learn more about the Enterprises Awards:

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The Dômes Pharma group chooses the Handi’Chiens association to illustrate its slogan LINKED BY NATURE

This year, the group DÔMES PHARMA has chosen the story of Alice and Lupo and the association HANDI’CHIENS to illustrate the mutual contribution of the relationship between Man and animal. From the meeting of Alice and her family with the association HANDI’CHIENS 3 years ago, the unique project in France to train alert dogs to detect epilepsy seizures was born. As a specialist in the treatment of animal epilepsy with its subsidiary TVM, the Dômes Pharma group is pleased to illustrate the link between humans and animals by covering the cost of an alert dog that can be given to an epileptic person at the end of its training.

Alice is a 17-year-old girl who suffers from Dravet syndrome, which handicaps her daily and makes her prone to epilepsy. Lupo is a golden male of almost 3 years old who has been sharing Alice’s life since April 2018 and helps her on a daily basis to make her life easier and safer. Lupo was selected in a breeding at the age of 2 months, then educated and trained for 2 years by a host family and by the experts of the HANDI’CHIENS association. He is able to assist a disabled person in various daily tasks but also to detect an epileptic seizure, a few minutes before it occurs, which allows him to prevent and protect his master by acting in an appropriate way.

Alice was the first person to benefit from a dog trained by HANDI’CHIENS with such skills and since April 2018, 2 other people have also been able to benefit from it.

Created in 1989, HANDI’CHIENS is an association recognized as a public utility since 2012 whose mission is to train and give Assistance dogs to children and adults with motor disabilities and/or suffering from psycho-behavioural disorders, so-called “social assistance dogs” given to institutions for dependent persons, or alert dogs for epileptics.

This program and the whole emotional dimension of both the human and animal side it represents has deeply affected Dômes Pharma. Its subsidiary, the TVM Laboratory, has been working for more than 20 years to fight animal epilepsy, which also affects 5% of dogs and 2% of cats. It is therefore with great conviction that the group wished to support HANDI’CHIENS by becoming a sponsor and by taking charge of the complete training of an assistance dog that will potentially become an alert dog to detect epilepsy attacks. Through this action, which is so representative of the complicity and benevolence that unites man and animal, the PHARMA Domes credo “Linked by nature” once again takes on its full meaning…

For more information on the HANDI’CHIENS association:

Women of the Economy Trophies 2018 : Anne Chauder wins the International Woman trophy !

updated on November 30th

Last night, November 29, at the Clermont-Ferrand Opera House, Anne Chauder won the International Women’s Trophy for the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Geneva region, on the occasion of the 8th edition of the Women in the Economy Trophies.

After recalling that these 2 predecessors at the helm of the Dômes Pharma Group (Chantal LUGNIER and her grandmother Simone MOULIN) were already women, Anne Chauder expressed her pride in receiving this new distinction and invited all women to “dare” to launch themselves into entrepreneurship because it is possible to accomplish very beautiful and great things.

article of November 9th

To our great pride, Anne Chauder, President of the Management Board of the Dômes Pharma Group, is nominated for the Women of the Economy Trophies in the “International Women” category for the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Geneva region. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on Thursday 29 November at the Opéra in Clermont-Ferrand.


Since 2010, the “Women of the Economy Trophies” have been rewarding and highlighting women with exemplary professional experience who actively contribute to the economic development of their region. These trophies have highlighted the importance of women in their regional economic fabric and given them back the place they deserve in the business world, a real societal challenge

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– The Women of the Economy :
– The Trophies :

Dômes Pharma Group supports “Gamelles Pleines” (Full Bowls) Association

For their greetings, Dômes Pharma and Auvex Laboratories selected a picture of “Gamelles Pleines Association” (Full Bowls) which fights against social exclusion by acting through the animal dimension, because is often the last social link of the most vulnarable. By providing financial support to the association, Dômes Pharma group wished to put its slogan “Linked by Nature” into practice and wish everyone a year full of kindness.

Founded in 2008 by Yohann SEVERE, the association Gamelles Pleines helps the poorest to look after their pet companion. The dog is a helper for man, he brings a multitude of benefits. In precariousness, these benefits are truly multiplied tenfold. The simple presence of an animal is then transformed into an accompaniment tool and an insertion lever.

Volunteers of the association regularly meet and listen to the homeless. It is above all a team work with social actors, so that animals can be fully integrated into social assistance. This is how the association allows these desocialized people to lean on 4 legs to get up.

Every year, care, vaccination and sterilisation campaigns are organised with veterinary partners, and canine information and education campaigns are set up to encourage the reception of dogs in emergency accommodation structures and day centres. In 8 years, “Gamelles Pleines” has become a precious resource for the structures and social workers who work for the reintegration of man and his dog.


Pictures against « clichés »

Every year in January, “Gamelles Pleines” mobilizes volunteers, hairdressers, barbers, groomers, dog educators, musicians and a photographer to bring a little consideration to homeless couples, as part of a day of well-being. While hairdressers and barbers enhance faces, groomers beautify truffles. Everyone will then find warm clothes and dog accessories adapted. Prepared for months with the sole ambition of seeing the eyes sparkle and the hearts embellish, this moment eagerly awaited by the beneficiaries warms the morale by these icy temperatures. Volunteers ensure that each person feels valued and regains self-confidence, in a dignified and friendly atmosphere. This is how Pascal, canine educator, voluntarily shares his advice to improve everyday life while Jacky Lecanu, professional photographer, captures these joyful moments by freezing the complicit portraits. These photos will be offered to them in such a way that they keep an enhancing image of themselves. Photos that have earned their author a European Photography Qualification.

Behind photos, heartbreaking stories 

Stories that show that sometimes a little help is enough to give hope and courage to those who need it most and change the way we look at the homeless and their animals.


Second Chance

While squatting in precariousness to the rhythm of her addictions with a violent companion, this young woman sought the help of “Full Bowls” in the middle of the night. During a violent police intervention, his dog “Apache” (left) was shot twice, one in the head. Healed in emergency, Apache will survive and help his mistress to get up from the hell of the street. She will take advantage of the reception offered for Apache’s convalescence to rebuild herself with the precious help of social workers. Today, she has found a home, a job and happiness with her two faithful companions.

It’s the story of dog

Destined to carry drugs for unscrupulous traffickers, the future of this dog named “Bonhomme” was dark. Despite his precariousness, this young man did not hesitate to take risks to help him. He will adopt him and save him from this fatality the day before his fateful mission. The new partner will regularly meet the volunteers of the “Gamelles Pleines” during their maraudes and will find precious support in their new daily life.

Companions of misfortune 

His concerns about being evicted from his home have unfortunately materialized. Collected in a squat, this man quickly feels the need to take with him a companion, who can support him in this ordeal, without judgment. A real call for help, as if to attract the attention of volunteers and formalize the interest that the association “Gamelles Pleines” brings to it on a daily basis, “Alaska” quickly became the inseparable ally that maintains social ties. By providing him with the material support necessary for his dog (leash, muzzle, harness, carpet, croquettes…) the association allows him to secure and maintain close to him this comforting presence.

An off-leash attachment
Some pet owners develop a fusional relationship so strong, that it has become almost impossible for them to separate even occasionally from their four-legged companion. Refusing any source of distance, the teachers then prefer to sacrifice their medical follow-up rather than risk calling into question their privileged relationship. Thanks to the close relationship of trust woven with her, this young woman finally agrees to entrust what she has most precious to “Gamelles Pleines” to be hospitalised and treated serenely. Much more than a daily presence, “Atka” has become the benevolent and reassuring pair that motivates her in the follow-up of her care.

Forum Animal Health becomes TVM UK

Just over a year after its acquisition by TVM Laboratory, Forum Animal Health officially becomes TVM UK and unveils its first range.

At London Vet Show, TVM UK officialises its new name and presents its ANTI-TOX range to British veterinarians. European leader in poisoning management, TVM UK arrives with a very complete range of products and protocols, accompanied by an awareness campaign for the general public.

With the launch of its ANTI-TOX range, TVM UK marks a first step in the deployment of its products in the UK market. By acquiring this first subsidiary abroad, TVM wishes to accelerate its international development and conquer new market shares, particularly in the field of ophthalmology and neurology, where it is the leader in France.

TVM, a special place in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry
Integrated into the Dômes Pharma Group in 1982, the TVM Laboratory quickly became the undisputed leader in veterinary ophthalmology in France. Today headed by Olivier Charpiat, TVM has also established itself in the field of neurology and has a wide range of products in niche areas such as geriatrics, gastroenterology, poisoning management and hygiene and wellness products.

While the market is dominated by multinationals, TVM has carved out a place for itself by offering innovative products that meet the needs of veterinarians’ daily practice and sometimes fill the therapeutic gaps left by other pharmaceutical companies.

2017 International Women’s Day

President of the Dômes Pharma Group since January 2016, Anne Chauder was already the successor of a woman, Chantal Lugnier, co-founder of the Group. With an Executive Board whose members are exclusively women, the Dômes Pharma Group stands out as an exception in France where only 14% of companies are led by women. A singularity that we are very proud of.

At Dômes Pharma, equal opportunities is a core value. Women have always had an important role in the Group construction. Simone Moulin, Anne Chauder’s grandmother founded the first industrial company of the group (Veto-centre Lab) and managed it for 30 years. Today, women represent 64% of the group collaborators and there is a perfect balance between men and women with management positions.

According to many studies, companies composed of women and men mixed teams are more competitive and offer a better quality of life at work. We would not deny it.

Within the Dômes Pharma group, we are committed to promoting and maintaining a workplace that offers equal opportunities to women and men and we celebrate women successes in the group.

In the context of the International Women Day, Dômes Pharma endorses the theme chosen this year by the United Nations and that is « Women in an evolutive world of work : for a 50/50 world in 2030 ». Still today, only 50% of working-age women take part in the world workforce against 76% of men. A large majority of women works for informal economy, subsidised care and housekeeping and it carries out poorly-paid and low-skilled activities so that they hardly benefit from a social protection. Gender equality in the business world is a sine qua non condition for a sustainable development.

The 2017 International Women’s Day commits us to be bold to create change, #BeBoldForChange, because everyone has a role to play to increase gender parity in the business world.





Happy and Lucky New Year!




Forum Animal Health and its campain about danger of dog poisoning

Forum Animal Health attended London Vet show on 16th and 17th of november 2016.

As in the past two years, the stand was dedicated to the “Swallowing Danger” campain in order to inform the public about the main toxic food and products for dogs. Vets were invited to play a quiz and try to identify in some common british food, substances that could poison dogs.

Now, test your knowledge too !

Can you associate to these 5 foods (A to E) the toxic substance(s) that is/are linked to (1 to 10) ?

total-sweetener black-chocolate tikka-masala apple country-slices


Aliments Substances toxiques
A – Total Sweetner 1 – Warfarin
B – Lindt Excellence 2 – Onion
C – Tikka Massala 3 – Sultanas
D – Apple 4 – Sorbitol
E – Country slices 5 – Xylitol
6 – Cyanide
7 – Arsenic
8 – Currants
9 – Neuro-mycotoxins
10 – Theobromine



Check your answers below :
A-5 / B-10 / C-2 / D-6 / E-3