Dômes Pharma announces the opening of a subsidiary in Germany

Four years after the opening of its first foreign subsidiary in the UK, the veterinary pharmaceutical group Dômes Pharma continues its international development with the opening in January 2021, of a German subsidiary based in Berlin under the name TVM Tiergesundheit GmbH.

Germany is the second largest market for animal health in Europe, behind France and ahead of the United Kingdom. By establishing itself in Germany, the Dômes Pharma Group is giving itself the means to directly address more than 50% of the European market. The opening of this new subsidiary is fully in line with the Dômes Pharma Group and its brand TVM’s strategy, to develop its international business through the opening of subsidiaries in the territories identified as priorities while maintaining distribution partnerships in other countries. According to Anne Moulin-Chauder, President of the Dômes Pharma Group, “We are crossing a line and claiming our role as a European player in animal health.”
Although the Group initially considered the acquisition of a stake in an existing company because the German market is known to be difficult for new entrants, it ultimately favoured the creation of its own subsidiary. Meeting with Luc Goossens, who is now the director of the subsidiary sealed this decision because he appeared to be the man of the situation. He is Belgian, a qualified veterinarian, settled in Germany since 1983 and he has led his entire career in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry with roles in research & development, marketing and management. The Group will be able to draw on his experience and network to successfully enter the German veterinary market.

Gradual deployment in 2021

Within 3 months, Luc Goossens plans to recruit a dozen employees, including a sales team, to visit the 12,000 veterinary clinics in Germany. TVM Tiergesundheit GmbH will first introduce two emblematic skincare products from TVM’s ophthalmological range, in which the laboratory is a leader in France. Next will be 2 food supplements to support osteoarthritis problems in dogs and to combat stress, both formulated with the new super-appetizing ‘Tasty tech’ technology developed by the Dômes Pharma Group to facilitate long-term treatment. Finally, the Anti-Tox range, unique in Europe and already leader in France and the United Kingdom, will enter the market under the TVM banner.

The TVM brand leverages the development of the Dômes Pharma Group’s international ambitions

As was the case for England, Dômes Pharma is established in Germany under the name of its brand and subsidiary TVM, the undisputed leader in ophthalmology, neurology and the management of veterinary intoxications in France.  While the market is dominated by multinationals, TVM has been able to carve out a place for itself by offering innovative products that meet the needs of the daily practice of veterinarians and that fill certain therapeutic gaps.

A good omen

On the occasion of the opening of its subsidiary in Germany, the Dômes Pharma group has chosen a particularity of Berlin for its New Year’ s greetings. Indeed, Berlin has a unique feature. This is the only city in the world where the circular tube line, the «Ringbahn», is the shape of a dog’s head. We interpret this as a good omen for the opening of our subsidiary in Berlin!

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