DÔMES PHARMA Group announces an exclusive partnership with EquiCord

Pont-du-Château, 22th June 2022 – The Dômes Group announces the signature of an exclusive partnership with the biotech company EquiCord to distribute the world´s first stem cell-based drug for the treatment of canine osteoarthritis. This major therapeutic innovation will be accessible to all veterinarians thanks to DogStem, an injectable solution whose Marketing Authorisation (MA) has been approved by the European Medecines Agency on June 15th. This is a first collaboration that should lead to other markets and other products in the coming years, as the two partners are not hiding their ambitions in North America.

Following their search for a distributor, the Dômes Pharma Group was chosen by EquiCord to market the world’s first injectable stem cell formula for the treatment of canine osteoarthritis. C.E.O. of the Dômes Pharma Group, Anne Moulin, is delighted with this partnership: “We are extremely proud to have been chosen by EquiCord to bring this therapeutic innovation to the European market. It is a great joy and an honour to be the first to offer veterinarians an innovative therapeutic solution that was previously used in a limited manner due to the complexity and cost of the process. It is a true recognition of the Group’s expertise in the marketing of highly technical specialty products that require tailor-made support for both practitioners and pet owners.

A collaboration based on complementary expertise and shared values

The collaboration between EquiCord, a young Spanish company, whose second stem cell-based product will be marketed, and Dômes Pharma, a French family-owned group that has been an expert in specialty markets for 75 years, worked immediately. Anne Moulin explains this by the collaborative approach and the way the Group operates: With us, young innovative companies will find a real partner who will help them to develop without imposing its methods. We know how to leave room for our partners and bring them our experience in marketing speciality products.  Our family ownership gives us the flexibility and speed they expect.”

Indeed, the two companies have much more in common than they appear at first glance. Above all, they share values such as their commitment to providing innovative and original solutions, their high level of product requirements and technical expertise, and the desire to work together over the long term.  For Almudena Pradera, Chief Scientific Officer & Business Development and co-founder of EquiCord, she finds in Dômes Pharma a partner that is equal to the challenge: “For EquiCord, the dream has been the engine to overcome all the difficulties that such an innovative product has brought about. That same dream was shared by Dômes Pharma Group from the first moment we met, and this dream has been what definitely Lead them to be chosen as our partner for DogStem and the rest of the products that we want to develop together. “.

For Anne Moulin, it was the human aspect that made the difference: “What attracted me to EquiCord was their passion for stem cell technology and their desire to share it with us in complete transparency. We spent a lot of time together to learn about their technology, their know-how and their projects. Their enthusiasm is infectious and we look forward to marketing their products in Europe and, we hope, in the United States as well, where the Group will be established very soon. “

In the coming years, the Dômes Pharma Group intends to develop this type of distribution partnership with biotechs. This will be discussed at the Animal Health Innovation USA Forum, which will be held in Boston from 21 to 23 June, and of which the Group is a partner. Anne Moulin will announce the opening of the Dômes Pharma US subsidiary, which she will manage to prepare the introduction of the Anti-tox range in North America.

Stem cells: an innovative therapy for the treatment of canine arthritis

Cellular therapy, which consists of injecting stem cells to help maintain and restore the activity of a tissue or organ, has given rise to great hope in recent years for inflammatory and degenerative diseases.

Stem cells injection is already used by veterinarians to treat canine osteoarthritis, but from the stem cells of the animal to be treated. The practice is not very widespread because it is complex to implement. It is necessary to take tissue samples from the animal and then send them  to a laboratory which will extract stem cells and make them multiply before they are reinjected. What DogStem provides is a ready-to-use medicine that will enable all vets to offer this therapy to their patients.

A treatment that shows better improvement than conventional treatments in the animal’s condition and long-term effectiveness for up to a year. Not only does the injection of cells relieve pain and improve the animal’s mobility, but it also slows the development of osteoarthritis. Almudena Pradera, Chairman and Chief Scientific officer of EquiCord, explains the benefits of the product: “The main advantage of DogStem derives from its innovative technology. Thanks to its mechanism of action, the typical inflammatory environment present in osteoarthritis joints is changed to an anti-inflammatory environment. This connotes a greater reduction in pain and lameness, with longer duration of the effect than the treatments currently available for canine OA. In addition, by using cells from a donor, we have been able to develop a medicine ready to use with all the quality, safety and efficacy guarantees that an authorized by regulatory agencies drug entails”.

With a long-term effect of up to 12 months. Final price to be determined and depends on size of animal in terms of comparison.


About EquiCord

EquiCord is a multidisciplinary company formed by veterinarians, researchers and engineers dedicated to the research & development, manufacturing and commercialization of Stem Cell based medicines for animals. In 2019, EquiCord obtained the European Marketing Authorization of the first and unique pure Mesenchymal Stem Cell veterinary medicine worldwide: HorStem.

EquiCord’s mission is to develop affordable, innovative, highly effective, safe and regenerative advanced therapies medicines available to all the animals worldwide.

About Dômes Pharma Group

The independent family group Dômes Pharma has been present in the pharmaceutical industry since 1947 and count 400 employees at 5 sites in France, England and now Germany with a consolidated turnover of €82 million (2020). The Group has been developing, manufacturing and marketing solutions for pet health and well-being for more than 70 years.

The Group develops, manufactures and markets, through its various subsidiaries, solutions for the health and well-being of pets, which are currently distributed in more than 15 countries. Organised around the holding company Dômes Pharma, our vertical integration allows us to control the entire value chain of the drug through complementary subsidiaries. This specificity puts us in contact with all the players in animal health: scientists, manufacturers, pharmacists, veterinarians and pet owners

Because humans, animals and the environment are linked by nature, taking care of the animals that share our daily lives means preserving the health of all. This conviction is expressed in our motto “LINKED BY NATURE” inspired by the concept of “One Health”.


Press Contact

Almudena Pradera, Chief Scientific Officer & Business Development EquiCord
Tel: +34 655179210 |  apradera@equicord.com

Florence LEPAGE, Communications Director Dômes Pharma
Tel : + 33 (0) 6 83 09 21 03 | f.lepage@domespharma.com 

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