DÔMES PHARMA strengthens its digital division by adding the decision support tool of PRONOZIA

The Dômes Pharma Group announces the acquisition of the Pronozia team and its veterinary decision support technology ZAG®. This acquisition will allow the Group to accelerate its strategy of developing digital tools to support its professional clients.

As veterinarians express a strong demand for rapid access to reliable and recent data, particularly on complex or rare pathologies, the Group will be able to rely on the technology developed by Pronozia to provide them with applications capable of assisting them in their daily practice, from diagnosis to the implementation of treatment. Dômes Pharma will focus on the therapeutic areas in which its TVM range is the leader in France: ophthalmology, epilepsy and poisoning management.

Pronozia is a company created in 2017 in Clermont-Ferrand by two former employees of the Dômes Pharma Group: Olivier DENIS and Patrice DOMAS. Their ZAG software won the 2020 prize for “Most innovative animal health project” awarded by the SIMV and BIOFIT.

A decision-making tool that makes it possible to gain in relevance and speed

ZAG, the digital application developed by Pronozia, is based on the analysis of large volumes of bibliography and clinical cases to propose relevant analyses that allow the practitioner to gain in speed in all the key stages of the veterinary act. Although the most frequently used function is the one that provides a list of diagnostic hypotheses ranked in order of relevance, ZAG provides access to more than 10 decision support functions. It is able to recommend additional examinations to be carried out according to pre-selected diagnostic hypotheses, to suggest lines of treatment and it also provides access to key information on hundreds of conditions and to a selected bibliography.

The digital tool, a natural complement to the TVM range

The TVM range focuses on specialist areas in which it has a unique expertise, enabling it to provide highly adapted products, training and services. It is this technical competence and the accessibility of its teams that have made the reputation of its products. Today, the use of digital tools and artificial intelligence offers the possibility of going further and providing relevant, personalised information, based on reliable analyses, at the moment when practitioners need it. This saves time and is invaluable when every second counts, as in the management of intoxications, or for diseases whose treatment is long and delicate to adjust, for example in the case of epilepsy.

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