Dômes Pharma Group supports “Gamelles Pleines” (Full Bowls) Association

For their greetings, Dômes Pharma and Auvex Laboratories selected a picture of “Gamelles Pleines Association” (Full Bowls) which fights against social exclusion by acting through the animal dimension, because is often the last social link of the most vulnarable. By providing financial support to the association, Dômes Pharma group wished to put its slogan “Linked by Nature” into practice and wish everyone a year full of kindness.

Founded in 2008 by Yohann SEVERE, the association Gamelles Pleines helps the poorest to look after their pet companion. The dog is a helper for man, he brings a multitude of benefits. In precariousness, these benefits are truly multiplied tenfold. The simple presence of an animal is then transformed into an accompaniment tool and an insertion lever.

Volunteers of the association regularly meet and listen to the homeless. It is above all a team work with social actors, so that animals can be fully integrated into social assistance. This is how the association allows these desocialized people to lean on 4 legs to get up.

Every year, care, vaccination and sterilisation campaigns are organised with veterinary partners, and canine information and education campaigns are set up to encourage the reception of dogs in emergency accommodation structures and day centres. In 8 years, “Gamelles Pleines” has become a precious resource for the structures and social workers who work for the reintegration of man and his dog.


Pictures against « clichés »

Every year in January, “Gamelles Pleines” mobilizes volunteers, hairdressers, barbers, groomers, dog educators, musicians and a photographer to bring a little consideration to homeless couples, as part of a day of well-being. While hairdressers and barbers enhance faces, groomers beautify truffles. Everyone will then find warm clothes and dog accessories adapted. Prepared for months with the sole ambition of seeing the eyes sparkle and the hearts embellish, this moment eagerly awaited by the beneficiaries warms the morale by these icy temperatures. Volunteers ensure that each person feels valued and regains self-confidence, in a dignified and friendly atmosphere. This is how Pascal, canine educator, voluntarily shares his advice to improve everyday life while Jacky Lecanu, professional photographer, captures these joyful moments by freezing the complicit portraits. These photos will be offered to them in such a way that they keep an enhancing image of themselves. Photos that have earned their author a European Photography Qualification.

Behind photos, heartbreaking stories 

Stories that show that sometimes a little help is enough to give hope and courage to those who need it most and change the way we look at the homeless and their animals.


Second Chance

While squatting in precariousness to the rhythm of her addictions with a violent companion, this young woman sought the help of “Full Bowls” in the middle of the night. During a violent police intervention, his dog “Apache” (left) was shot twice, one in the head. Healed in emergency, Apache will survive and help his mistress to get up from the hell of the street. She will take advantage of the reception offered for Apache’s convalescence to rebuild herself with the precious help of social workers. Today, she has found a home, a job and happiness with her two faithful companions.

It’s the story of dog

Destined to carry drugs for unscrupulous traffickers, the future of this dog named “Bonhomme” was dark. Despite his precariousness, this young man did not hesitate to take risks to help him. He will adopt him and save him from this fatality the day before his fateful mission. The new partner will regularly meet the volunteers of the “Gamelles Pleines” during their maraudes and will find precious support in their new daily life.

Companions of misfortune 

His concerns about being evicted from his home have unfortunately materialized. Collected in a squat, this man quickly feels the need to take with him a companion, who can support him in this ordeal, without judgment. A real call for help, as if to attract the attention of volunteers and formalize the interest that the association “Gamelles Pleines” brings to it on a daily basis, “Alaska” quickly became the inseparable ally that maintains social ties. By providing him with the material support necessary for his dog (leash, muzzle, harness, carpet, croquettes…) the association allows him to secure and maintain close to him this comforting presence.

An off-leash attachment
Some pet owners develop a fusional relationship so strong, that it has become almost impossible for them to separate even occasionally from their four-legged companion. Refusing any source of distance, the teachers then prefer to sacrifice their medical follow-up rather than risk calling into question their privileged relationship. Thanks to the close relationship of trust woven with her, this young woman finally agrees to entrust what she has most precious to “Gamelles Pleines” to be hospitalised and treated serenely. Much more than a daily presence, “Atka” has become the benevolent and reassuring pair that motivates her in the follow-up of her care.

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