Forum Animal Health and its campain about danger of dog poisoning

Forum Animal Health attended London Vet show on 16th and 17th of november 2016.

As in the past two years, the stand was dedicated to the “Swallowing Danger” campain in order to inform the public about the main toxic food and products for dogs. Vets were invited to play a quiz and try to identify in some common british food, substances that could poison dogs.

Now, test your knowledge too !

Can you associate to these 5 foods (A to E) the toxic substance(s) that is/are linked to (1 to 10) ?

total-sweetener black-chocolate tikka-masala apple country-slices


Aliments Substances toxiques
A – Total Sweetner 1 – Warfarin
B – Lindt Excellence 2 – Onion
C – Tikka Massala 3 – Sultanas
D – Apple 4 – Sorbitol
E – Country slices 5 – Xylitol
6 – Cyanide
7 – Arsenic
8 – Currants
9 – Neuro-mycotoxins
10 – Theobromine



Check your answers below :
A-5 / B-10 / C-2 / D-6 / E-3

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