Forum Animal Health becomes TVM UK

Just over a year after its acquisition by TVM Laboratory, Forum Animal Health officially becomes TVM UK and unveils its first range.

At London Vet Show, TVM UK officialises its new name and presents its ANTI-TOX range to British veterinarians. European leader in poisoning management, TVM UK arrives with a very complete range of products and protocols, accompanied by an awareness campaign for the general public.

With the launch of its ANTI-TOX range, TVM UK marks a first step in the deployment of its products in the UK market. By acquiring this first subsidiary abroad, TVM wishes to accelerate its international development and conquer new market shares, particularly in the field of ophthalmology and neurology, where it is the leader in France.

TVM, a special place in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry
Integrated into the Dômes Pharma Group in 1982, the TVM Laboratory quickly became the undisputed leader in veterinary ophthalmology in France. Today headed by Olivier Charpiat, TVM has also established itself in the field of neurology and has a wide range of products in niche areas such as geriatrics, gastroenterology, poisoning management and hygiene and wellness products.

While the market is dominated by multinationals, TVM has carved out a place for itself by offering innovative products that meet the needs of veterinarians’ daily practice and sometimes fill the therapeutic gaps left by other pharmaceutical companies.

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