Arrival of a soft chew range for animal health medicines and food supplements

EUROPHARTECH selected the CPhI 2018 in Madrid to inform customers and partners of the imminent arrival of a ‘soft chew’ range, designed for the production of animal health medicines and food supplements. EUROPHARTECH is aware that compliance with treatment is a critical point for the support of a sick animal and has already acquired solid experience in the development of palatable food supplements and medicines.

With this new investment of nearly 2M€ – which will be fully operational by year-end – EUROPHARTECH intends to develop a real specialty that will be proposed as full service, from formulation to the finished product. Soft Chew samples and applications will be presented at the CPhI Madrid (October ç-11) on stand 3F73.

This galenic form is characterized by a high percentage of palatable agents facilitating mono-dose treatments but also improving the observance of long-term treatments, making it popular with veterinarians and pet owners.

This galenic form is not more prevalent in animal health today due to the difficulty of producing homogeneous dosage forms by extrusion. To avoid this problem, Europhartech opted for specific compression technology that allows for optimum control of the active principle unit mass and therefore the quantity of active principle contained in each unit produced. The palatable rate implemented in this technology can even mask certain active components that our four-legged companions do not appreciate. Diverse formulations can produce both medication (antibiotics, anti-parasitic, neurological…) and food supplements (vitamins, minerals, plant extracts…).

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