Wanimo.com is the French expert in the distribution of products and services for pets over the internet.
Wanimo.com was created in 2000 as a result of a simple fact: the evolution of the relationship between the owner and his pet has been ignored by the major players in the distribution of goods and services to the animal. The animal is now a full-fledged family member and the masters became the ‘pet’s parents’, concerned with the health and well-being of their animals.

Creation date: 2000
Date of entry into the group: 2011
LegalStatus: Limited company (Wanimo)
Operational Manager: Laurent BABICZ DE SALETTES
Staff: 30 employees

• Quality products at competitive prices
• Personalized advice and customer service
• The largest catalogue of the market: more than 5000 products!
• The conseils@veto service – unique in Europe and the USA: clients are advised for free, quickly and in a personalized manner by a team of veterinarians on all aspects of their relationship to their animal.
• Rich editorial content: more than 500 tips and product sheets!

Wanimo S.A.
46 chemin de la Bruyère, Parc INNOVALIA
69570 DARDILLY – France
Tél : 0481 91 92 93