The ANALGESIA Institute Foundation commits against pain in animal health with the support of the DÔMES PHARMA Group

As the first research foundation in the field of pain, the ANALGESIA Institute is launching a call for STARTER projects “Pain & Animal Health” in 2019 granting €18,000, thanks to the support of the Domes Pharma Group.

The field of pain has remained on the margins of the great medical advances of the last 50 years. To meet this major challenge, the ANALGESIA Institute has applied itself to reviving innovation in this field by relying on the One Health concept: a single health for humans and animals. By bringing doctors and veterinarians together, this approach proposes a new R&D model that is inspired by the patient, whether it’s human or animal, to finally offer new treatments that will benefit both humans and animals.

A long-standing player in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry in France, the Domes Pharma Group has put the quality of the relationship between humans and animals at the heart of its vision. By partnering with the ANALGESIA Institute, the Group’s objective is to ensure that the knowledge, consideration and treatment of animal pain, (the existence of which has only been truly accepted since the 1980s) can also benefit from the latest research advances.

The Domes Pharma Group’s commitment, to the ANALGESIA Institute, is formalized in concrete terms with the creation of the “ANALGESIA – Domes Pharma Pain and Animal Health” award, which will be granted on the basis of a call for projects for 5 consecutive years.

This important support allows the ANALGESIA Institute to commit even further to innovation in pain management for the benefit of the veterinary world.

For this 1st edition, the ANALGESIA Institute will grant  funding of 18,000 euros. This amount is intended to help an academic team wishing to develop a research theme on pain in animal health to acquire or complete preliminary results that will then allow it to apply for competitive calls for projects (national grant, H2020…).

The call for projects is open to all academic teams who conduct research in this field.

A jury composed of experts in pain research and of experts in animal health will evaluate the files submitted by the candidates. The award ceremony will take place during a symposium on pain to be held in December 2019.


Launch of the call of projects                              June 20, 2019
Deadline for sending application                      September 30, 2019         
Announcement of the winning project          mid-November 2019
Award ceremony                                                         December 2019

How to apply?
Download the application form on the ANALGESIA Institute website

Any questions?
Do not hesitate to contact the ANALGESIA Institute at the following email address:


About the ANALGESIA Institute

Accredited by the French Ministry of Research since February 2016, The ANALGESIA Institute is the first research foundation dedicated to innovation against pain in France. It draws on more than 20 years of expertise in pain research. The foundation acts by building and coordinating care and research programmes, with one fundamental principle: to put the patient at the heart of each project.

New drugs, new e-health approaches and new technologies (big data, algorithms, machine learning…), a multidimensional innovation with a single objective: to enable patients, whether human or animal, to regain a pain-free life!


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