The Dômes Pharma Group annouces the creation of its Foundation dedicated to Animal Assisted Therapy

To demonstrate that its strapline Linked by Nature is backed up with real actions and to pay tribute to the passion and values of its founders, the Dômes Pharma Group announces the creation of its Corporate Foundation dedicated to Animal Assisted Therapies. Its mission is to support projects that enable the most vulnerable people to share a moment of complicity, relaxation or care with an animal to benefit from the deep and lasting benefits of this relationship. An important step in the Dômes Pharma Group’s CSR approach and social commitment.

The first project upholded by the Dômes Pharma Foundation aims to study the effect of equitherapy on the quality of life of women diagnosed with breast cancer. This random clinical trial has been conducted on 86 women over 4 years by the Equiphoria Institute, the Centre de Cancérologie du Grand Montpellier and the Association Montpellier Institut du Sein (MIS). Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer and the third leading cause of death among women. Rehabilitation management is essential during the period of remission,  especially to limit the risk of recurrence.

Horses are very helpful in the field of healthcare no matter what the problem caused by the disease. On a psychological level, they are able to perceive, respond and learn from the feelings they can sense through minimal sensory stimuli; thus they guide the therapist and the patient on the path to reconstruction. On a physical level, the movement of the horse and the interaction with the patient, allows reinforcement of the functional capabilities.

Pascale, in the photo with the horse “Winner” for the Group’s New Year’s card, is one of the participants of the program. She shared with us her testimony on the benefits of this therapy:

“I had no idea how much work and contact with a horse could transform so profoundly.
Only three sessions were enough to give me  my smile back, my self-confidence and my life. Because with a horse you are not in the mind, you can’t tell him stories and neither can he.
The horse projects us into reality and sends us back an image of ourselves from which we cannot escape because it is an evidence, we are in the feeling.
Thanks to the multidisciplinary team that provides support, tools and encouragement, we emerge transformed from such an experience. For me it’s a rebirth! ” Pascale M.

Witnessing the unique bond between Humans and Animals for over 70 years, the Dômes Pharma Group is proud of this new step in its social commitment. The Foundation will make it possible to ensure that its activities are sustainable and have a real impact on beneficiaries. Three experts in animal mediation and adapted sports have agreed to sit on the Foundation’s board. They are Yasmine Debarge (CANIDEA), Hélène Viruega (EQUIPHORIA) and Sonia Wittreck (Veterinarian of the Disabled Sports Federation). They will assist the Foundation in the choice of projects to be supported by ensuring that they bring benefits to Humans while respecting the well-being of the Animal.


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