The Dômes Pharma group chooses the Handi’Chiens association to illustrate its slogan LINKED BY NATURE

This year, the group DÔMES PHARMA has chosen the story of Alice and Lupo and the association HANDI’CHIENS to illustrate the mutual contribution of the relationship between Man and animal. From the meeting of Alice and her family with the association HANDI’CHIENS 3 years ago, the unique project in France to train alert dogs to detect epilepsy seizures was born. As a specialist in the treatment of animal epilepsy with its subsidiary TVM, the Dômes Pharma group is pleased to illustrate the link between humans and animals by covering the cost of an alert dog that can be given to an epileptic person at the end of its training.

Alice is a 17-year-old girl who suffers from Dravet syndrome, which handicaps her daily and makes her prone to epilepsy. Lupo is a golden male of almost 3 years old who has been sharing Alice’s life since April 2018 and helps her on a daily basis to make her life easier and safer. Lupo was selected in a breeding at the age of 2 months, then educated and trained for 2 years by a host family and by the experts of the HANDI’CHIENS association. He is able to assist a disabled person in various daily tasks but also to detect an epileptic seizure, a few minutes before it occurs, which allows him to prevent and protect his master by acting in an appropriate way.

Alice was the first person to benefit from a dog trained by HANDI’CHIENS with such skills and since April 2018, 2 other people have also been able to benefit from it.

Created in 1989, HANDI’CHIENS is an association recognized as a public utility since 2012 whose mission is to train and give Assistance dogs to children and adults with motor disabilities and/or suffering from psycho-behavioural disorders, so-called “social assistance dogs” given to institutions for dependent persons, or alert dogs for epileptics.

This program and the whole emotional dimension of both the human and animal side it represents has deeply affected Dômes Pharma. Its subsidiary, the TVM Laboratory, has been working for more than 20 years to fight animal epilepsy, which also affects 5% of dogs and 2% of cats. It is therefore with great conviction that the group wished to support HANDI’CHIENS by becoming a sponsor and by taking charge of the complete training of an assistance dog that will potentially become an alert dog to detect epilepsy attacks. Through this action, which is so representative of the complicity and benevolence that unites man and animal, the PHARMA Domes credo “Linked by nature” once again takes on its full meaning…

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