TVM steps up its development with the acquisition of British company Forum Animal Health

The French veterinary laboratory TVM announced today that it has acquired Forum Animal Health, a company with 10 years’ experience in the marketing of animal health products in Britain. With this first venture abroad, TVM is seeking to boost its international scope, building market share and continuing to expand its leadership in the fields of ophthalmology and neurology beyond France. The TVM product range will be introduced to the United Kingdom market over the next 18 months.

The acquisition of Forum Animal Health will strengthen TVM’s position in the area of animal anti-poison treatment as the British company already supplies a canine emetic. Combining both product ranges will ensure a unique market offering on a truly European scale. Located south of London in Redhill, Surrey, Forum Animal Health supplies a whole range of medicines and food supplements promoted by a sales team of 7 people covering the entire UK.

Forum Animal Health was previously a business division of Forum Products Limited (Barentz Group), created in 1981 and specialised in the supply of semi-finished and end products for animal health, food supplements and pharmaceutical usage.

Over the past 3 years, Forum Animal Health has successfully marketed a canine emetic for the UK. An extensive awareness campaign on the dangers of certain toxic products for dogs if ingested targeted veterinarians and pet owners. This has contributed to a significant increase in early interventions by vets in cases of poisoning. A similar campaign is currently being led in France by the TVM laboratory.

logo-FAH-2016The Forum Animal Health acquisition is fully in line with the strategy of TVM and the Dômes Pharma Group to increase its activity abroad by means of distribution partnerships and the opening of subsidiaries in high-priority markets. Thanks to FAH’s close links with UK veterinary surgeons and the synergies of expertise between both companies, prospects for development appear very promising.

To accompany this change, Forum Animal Health is adopting a new visual identity.

A special place in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry
In 1982, TVM joined the DÔMES PHARMA Group and quickly became the undisputed leader of veterinary ophthalmology in France. Today led by Olivier Charpiat, TVM also stands out in the field of neurology and has a wide range of specialised niche products in geriatrics, gastroenterology, anti-poison management and health and wellness products.

While the market is dominated by multinationals, TVM has been able to carve out a place of choice by offering innovative products that meet the daily needs of veterinary surgeons and regularly fill the therapeutic gaps left by other pharmaceutical companies.

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