Women of Dômes Pharma

Women of Dômes Pharma: leadership by women

While only 14% of companies in France are run by women, the Dômes Pharma Group has had 3 generations of women managers: Simone Moulin, Chantal Lugnier and Anne Moulin. We are proud of this heritage and we have a responsibility to contribute to the development of female leadership within the Group.

On 8 March 2023, on the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, the Group will officially launch its “Women of Dômes Pharma” programme, which aims to reflect on and act on the role of women in helping our employees to assert themselves and develop their professional ambitions.

To pay tribute to the women who make and have made the Group, we offer you the viewpoint of 5 women from different countries and generations who testify to their vision of the place of women in the working world.

Insights into women’s leadership

Women must dare to take their place

Chantal LugnierPresident of the Board from 1991 to 2015,
Member of the Supervisory Board

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Ana Morcate, Country Manager Iberia


Valérie Laurent, Supply Chain Manager


Aurélie De Lima, Safety and Environment Coordinator


Pauline Aujames, Product Manager