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Our Values


Our heritage also includes historical values that give meaning to our actions. These values are the pillars of our corporate culture, the common bond that drives us.


Thinking with BOLDNESS

BOLDNESS is one of the founding values of the group. BOLDNESS is not about taking reckless risks. BOLDNESS is believing in one’s abilities to dare to think bigger and seize opportunities. BOLDNESS is the ability to reinvent oneself, to dare to leave the beaten track in order to aim for progress and to try without fearing failure.


Our social, economic and environmental RESPONSIBILITY is written into our signature. It stems from our vision of the world: humans, animals and the environment are linked by nature. This RESPONSIBILITY must encourage us to give priority to sustainable development, solidarity and local action. As a health company, we also have a RESPONSIBILITY to be rigorous, ethical and exemplary. Internally, we have a RESPONSIBILITY to make decisions, be accountable and do our best to meet our commitments to our stakeholders. We learn from our failures to move forward.


KINDNESS is the value that makes the implementation of the other two possible. It is a necessary prerequisite to allow everyone to express their audacity and exercise their responsibilities. Giving meaning, sharing information, offering help and giving the right to make mistakes all contribute to well-being at work and foster mutual trust. This is why, within the Group, we attach great importance to the quality of human relations, fairness and mutual assistance. Our KINDNESS is also expressed towards our stakeholders. It is part of our view of the world: humans, animals and the environment are linked by nature.

The Foundation

Dômes Pharma Foundation

In 2019, the Group created a Corporate Foundation dedicated to animal assisted therapy.

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Our Mission


Mission and purpose

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