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Julien PRIAM, R&D Project Manager, and Sophie AMIRIANTZ, Clinical and Pre-clinical Trials Manager, tell us about their work in the Research and Development department of the Dômes Pharma holding company:

What is very nice is that there is no routine. It is very rare that a day goes as planned !

Julien PRIAMR&D Project Manager

Within the Animal Health Research and Development department of Dômes Pharma, the project manager’s mission is to manage the development of new veterinary products (medicines, supplementary feeds, biocide, hygiene products) while guaranteeing the deadlines and budgets allocated. He/she has an important role as a facilitator and coordinator between the various project teams to ensure that the project is progressing well. He also contributes his scientific expertise at various stages of the project.

What I really appreciate in my daily work in the R&D department is that there is no such thing as routine. It’s very rare that a day goes as planned! Being in R&D, we are never sure of the outcome, and that’s the charm of the job.

Another pleasant part of the job is to see the results of our work: to find the health products in question in the pharmacy or at the veterinary surgeon’s and to say to ourselves “I took part in their design !

Finally, the primary objective of marketing these animal health products, i.e. to improve the comfort of life and even save lives, gives our job its full meaning !

Julien PRIAM’s video testimony

On his dual training as a pharmacist and chemical engineer and his work in the R&D department

I always wanted to work in the health sector.

Julien PRIAMR&D Project Manager

I can keep a foot in the door of the practical side of the veterinary profession, while exploring in depth the many therapeutic areas.

Sophie AMIRIANTZHead of Clinical and Preclinical Trials

As a Clinical and Preclinical Studies Officer in the Animal Health R&D department, I prepare and monitor studies to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the veterinary medicines we develop. To do this, I need to know the diseases we target in our developments in order to better understand how to diagnose them, treat them and assess their evolution. I also need to know the mechanism of action and behaviour of the molecules we are working with, to target the observations that will be made as part of the drug safety assessment. I am in constant interaction with the rest of the R&D team (project managers, regulatory affairs officers, R&D director), as well as with many external service providers (CROs, consultants) who will handle the logistical and administrative aspects of the studies I design.

It’s a job that allows me to keep a foot in the door of the veterinary profession, while exploring in depth the many very specific therapeutic areas in which we are interested, all with a very stimulating international dimension on a daily basis.

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Working with us

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