Our Brands

Iconic brands
in animal and human health

The Group has been built up over the years through successive creations and acquisitions of brands and companies in both animal and human health. Brands with a strong reputation, known by professionals and the general public.

Because Humans, Animals and the Environment are linked by nature, taking care of the animals that share our daily lives means preserving everyone’s health. This is what the “One Health” concept is all about.


Animal Health

European leader in ophthalmology, neurology, toxicology

Previously marketed under the name TVM, the Dômes Pharma range specialises in the pet market offers more than 80 specialities in a wide range of therapeutic areas. As a leader in the specific areas mentioned above, some of TVM’s products are now considered essential for veterinarians in their daily practice. Other areas of focus for TVM include the care of the elderly animal in its various aspects (joint problems, cerebral senescence and behaviour), gastroenterology and hygiene products.


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Based in the United States, SentrX develops and manufactures ophthalmology products based on BioHAnce technology, a patented cross-linked hyaluronic acid technology that enhances and accelerates the natural processes of healing, hydration and lubrication.

Sentrx has its own 2,000 m2 manufacturing plant, including 160 m2 of ISO 7 cleanroom space and 131 m2 for sterile liquids.


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2,000 m2

manufacturing plant


Exclusive patent

A historic and emblematic brand in animal health, Biocanina® is the best known veterinary brand in France. With its wide range of prescription and over-the-counter medicines and its hygiene and care products, Biocanina® has been able to remain as close as possible to the needs of pet owners, as demonstrated by the development of its range over the years.


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10 000

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Human Health

Through a wide range of food supplements including omega-3 of marine origin, Léro supports those who choose to take control of their health in a global approach, combining a healthy diet, regular physical activity and alternative solutions. Respect for the natural balance, scientific integrity, benevolence and proximity, but also simplicity are the key values and principles of the Léro approach.


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5 000

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Another product with a strong reputation among the general public is the Aspivenin® anti-venom pump. Famous among walkers and all those who practice outdoor activities, it quickly soothes the pain of insect bites.


Lépine competition winner


on the French market


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Our History

Our History

It took boldness to build a Group capable of existing alongside the big players in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Our Subsidiaries

Our Subsidiaries

The Dômes Pharma group consists of a parent company and 7 subsidiaries in France and Europe.

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