CSR Approach

Our ambition is to CULTIVATE economic performance, sustainable development and human capital to develop our POSITIVE IMPACT.

Aline ALEDODirector of Human Resources

The Dômes Pharma Group has been committed to a CSR approach since 2017.  Since 2020, the context and the world have changed. The health crisis has left lasting traces, the climate emergency has become a reality. To meet the challenges of the future, continue to develop and allow everyone to flourish, organisations must reinvent themselves and find new ways of creating and sharing value.

In 2021, the CSR approach was integrated into the SmartMoves 2025 strategic plan.

A development plan that is no longer just a destination but a move, a step aside to change our way of doing things, to develop ourselves while at the same time developing a positive footprint… What we have defined as Smart moves, i.e. intelligent, clever, judicious movements.

Our smart moves


« Referring to the triple bottom line “People, Planet, Profit” our ambition is to CULTIVATE economic performance, sustainable development and human capital to develop our POSITIVE IMPACT. »


In 2021, the Group has opted for a CSR index, or Triple Bottom Line, which takes into account the profits or losses generated by the company’s social, environmental and economic activities: People 25%, Planet 25%, Profit 50%, .



Cultivating a positive social impact

BUILD on the skills and development of employees within the group. Some of the actions implemented :

•  A complete onboarding procedure that includes the sponsorship of new recruits by a Group employee.

•  Agreement of one day of teleworking per week

•  A new annual Progress Evaluation form for less formal and more open exchanges.

•  Provision of computers for all employees who did not have one as part of their duties to enable them to access documents and internal communication.


of permanent contracts

13 646 h

of training




Cultivating a positive environmental impact

The objective is to significantly reduce our carbon footprint with 80% of our products being eco-responsible by 2025. Our actions to date :

  •  Carbon assessment carried out on all our sites since 2021

  •  Organisation of several “Sustainable Development” working groups on various aspects (travel, purchasing, etc.) to improve the carbon footprint

  •  Installation of a rainwater recovery tank (outdoor watering)

  •  Green energy supply contract for 2 Group sites.

  •  Work with a service provider who uses no chemicals in the maintenance of our various sites. Carrying out sensible maintenance to allow the development of the ecosystem of our sites


of recycled waste


employees involved


sites with carbon footprint


Cultivating a positive economic & social impact

Dômes Pharma also attaches particular importance to its social role, notably through :

  •   Responsible and primarily local purchasing : 75% of purchases in France, 32% of which are in the AURA region (excluding raw materials for medicines).

  •   A corporate foundation for animal mediation : founded in 2019, it has already supported more than 40 projects and distributes €200,000 each year.

  •   Close relations with schools, universities and research : VIVA Chair with Sigma Clermont, the Plantinauv project to promote the botanical heritage of Auvergne, hosting a university researcher in residence in the company.

  •   The awarding of a €18,000 “Pain and Animal Health” prize organised with the Analgesia Institute, the leading research foundation in the field of pain based in Clermont-Ferrand.


of our purchases in France

200 000€

per year for the Foundation


of turnover invested in R&D



The Smart Moves 2025 plan, to grow with a positive footprint.

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