Areas of development and growth

The period 2015-2020 was marked by a strategy of opening up to other transnational markets and new distribution channels, based on three axes: Internationalisation, Digitalisation and Conversation. The period 2020-2025 completes these major projects and makes a positive impact – societal and environmental – an essential pillar of the Group’s development and growth.


This is the Smart Moves 2025 plan.

Our « Smart Moves », is our plan to grow by cultivating a positive footprint.

Sébastien BOUSSEMARTDirecteur Business Development – COO

Smart Moves 2025

Our strategic plan 2020 – 2025

Discover in pictures the 3 axes of our strategic development plan


In a world that has been battered by the crisis, companies have a duty to be exemplary in their relationship with the environment, with society and with their employees. Our 2025 strategic plan takes into account the context: if a company’s raison d’être also involves growth and development, we cannot have a prosperous company in an environment that is not. In imagining our possible futures, we remain in line with the systemic reasoning of our Linked By Nature signature: more than ever, everything is linked, and a company that grows must do so in a posture of contributing openness.

These are our “Smart Moves”, our 2025 plan to grow by cultivating a positive footprint. It is about balancing the past, present and future, health and the environment, and balancing business performance with concrete responses to societal needs.


#CULTIVATE our positive impact

With reference to the trilogy « People, Planet, Profit » we cultivate ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE, HUMAN CAPITAL and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT to grow our positive impact.


We will rely on the other 2 pillars to achieve this and on INNOVATION and CUSTOMER KNOWLEDGE.

#ANTICIPATE possible futures

Responsibility leads us to #ANTICIPATE possible futures, its risks and opportunities.


This is why we want to strengthen our INDEPENDENCE and our INDUSTRIAL AGILITY to adapt better, to put INNOVATION at the heart of the daily life of all our businesses, to guide our actions through knowledge and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION to meet new expectations.

#EXPLORE new territories

Our development involves broadening our field of action by exploring other markets for our EUROPEAN DEVELOPMENT and other channels for a MULTICANAL DEVELOPMENT.



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