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It’s a job that makes sense to me and allows me to combine technical expertise, commercial challenge and human relations.


I’ve been a veterinary delegate at Dômes Pharma for 17 years. I fell in love with TVM (now Dômes Pharma) right from the start and my job has become a passion over the years. I am the privileged contact for my veterinary and ASV customers, their commercial as well as technical partner. I help them to understand and use the products we provide, listen to their problems and respond to their needs through support, training, tools and technical meetings. It’s a job that makes sense to me and that allows me to combine technical expertise, commercial challenge and human relations.

In this profession, we are on the front line with our customers. It’s through us that the majority of discussions take place, and we really have a practical view of the veterinary profession. The feedback we give to the sales/marketing/technical teams in the field enables the Group to keep moving forward in line with our customers’ expectations. Dômes Pharma has always taken the position of wanting to do what others weren’t doing, and today this enables us to have, in the entire range we offer to vets, must-haves, leading products in very specific niches, innovations that meet a real need in the field, and all this while respecting our desire not to enter into a system of commercial discounts in order to retain a certain authenticity. What’s essential for me in my work is mutual trust with my customers.

As a veterinary delegate, you have commercial objectives, of course, but you have to put them aside from time to time. When someone takes the time to confide in you, you have to take the time to listen. That’s when trust is built up. When I was younger, I used to chase my targets, until I realised that I could perform just as well, but by being more present for my customers. And it’s they, in the end, who make you want to hang in there when you realise how difficult their job is and the various constraints (technical, economic, time management, teams, etc.) they have to deal with.

For me, having grown up with the Group, what’s really motivating today at Dômes Pharma is to see its constant evolution and ambitions. I knew TVM on a Franco-French scale and today Dômes Pharma is taking on an international dimension. I’m very proud to be part of the collective effort to achieve this. All the more so when you work with caring people who find solutions to enable you to continue your business when you’re going through a more difficult period in terms of your health. I’m very attached to Dômes Pharma, I feel like I’m part of a big family with whom I share values and a desire to move forward together.

The Dômes Pharma Group listens to the needs of its collaborators.

Julie VILLEMAGNEPharmaceutical Sales Representative

The Dômes Pharma Group listens to the needs of its employees.
Indeed, after 12 and a half years in the field in the Auvergne region for the laboratory, I wanted to change jobs and become a sedentary pharmaceutical delegate because I have children and I needed time for my family with fixed hours. My management offered me this position, which is very diversified.
I replace the representatives who are off work, I make appointments in the sectors, I make prospecting calls. Sometimes, when the sales department is short-staffed, I help out at the switchboard.
I run the sales department and train certain distributors in the French overseas departments and territories.
I train new entrants on Biocanina products and I also train our pharmacist and pharmacy assistant customers remotely on the products and the associated advice.
I also take part in the on-call service for incoming calls and medical information requests from individuals and health professionals.
In conclusion, I work with wonderful and caring people, and it is always a pleasure to meet my colleagues in the morning.

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