Our Specialities

The Dômes Pharma Group develops solutions in specialised areas, also called niche markets.

Our products address real needs and often fill therapeutic gaps. Fully committed to improving access to veterinary medicine, we bring relevant improvements and innovation to veterinarians and pet owners in our areas of expertise.



A historical leader in veterinary ophthalmology in France, the Dômes Pharma range, formerly marketed under the TVM name, offers a wide range of products and services, from ocular hygiene to the treatment of corneal ulcers.


In 2022, Dômes Pharma created its International Ophthalmology Board with six European experts in order to better support its customers by offering them the training, information and support they need for their daily practice. The Group reaffirms its leadership and its ambition to consolidate this position in Europe where its products are already distributed in 12 countries.

Poisoning management

As the European leader in the management of poisoning, Dômes Pharma has a range of key products, unique in the world, to enable rapid and effective management of poisoning by veterinarians.


In addition to its products, Dômes Pharma is recognised for the quality of its technical decision support documents and training. Seasonal campaigns are also carried out to make pet owners aware of toxic products and what to do in the event of ingestion of chocolate, rat poison, antifreeze, thrush, mushrooms, etc.


Epilepsy is a complex condition that arouses many emotions in both the pet owner and the veterinarian. The diagnosis, stabilisation and management of epilepsy is a constantly evolving discipline, which is why, as the leader in the treatment of animal epilepsy in France, Dômes Pharma has developed a range of products and documentation.

Since 2014, Dômes Pharma has been running “Mon animal épileptique”, the first animal health patient community through a website, a seizure tracking application, consultation booklets and a Facebook group.

Mobility & stem cells

Dômes Pharma markets a variety of complementary foods and products designed to support joint mobility, including the first stem cell-based medication authorised at European level for the reduction of pain and lameness associated with canine arthritis.

Our Brands

Our Brands

Iconic brands in animal and human health.

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Our History

Our History

It took boldness to build a group capable of existing alongside the big players in the pharmaceutical industry.

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