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Emilie PLANE, QA Manager – Responsible Pharmacist, Emmeline GRAILLOT, Quality Control Technician, Nelson PEREIRA, Manufacturing Process Manager, Dimitri MONTEILHET, Production Operator and Mélanie BIANCU, Industrial Development Technician, tell us about their job in production at Europhartech :

My role is to ensure the quality of the products and the safety of the patients by respecting the regulatory standards.

Emilie PLANEHead of QA – Responsible Pharmacist

When I enrolled in pharmacy, my wish was to work in the industry, and after a postgraduate course specialising in the pharmaceutical industry in the Lyon region, I found a company on a human scale with diversified activities (human and veterinary medicines, food supplements and complementary feeds) within the Europhartech laboratories. The position of manager of the industrial development department for 6 years allowed me to discover production, processes and associated galenics. After 7 years in charge of quality and safety management at the site, I have been the Head Pharmacist for the last 3 years.

My role is to ensure product quality and patient safety in compliance with regulatory standards. I therefore organise and supervise all the company’s pharmaceutical operations, which in the case of a manufacturer are :

This job requires very good interpersonal skills, being at the heart of the supply chain, we interact with our suppliers, our customers and our health authorities. I have found the world of subcontracting to be a constantly changing business, requiring constant alertness, responsiveness and anticipation.

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Emmeline GRAILLOT tells us about her training and her work at Europhartech.

I can help to care for humans and animals

Emmeline GAILLOTQuality control technician

It is a “noble” and gratifying profession in the sense that what we produce contributes directly to the well-being of animals and humans.

Nelson PEREIRAManufacturing process operator

My mission at Europhartech is to manufacture tablets in dry form or Tasty Tech* and to do this I work in four manufacturing sectors: weighing, which allows the raw materials required for a product to be checked and weighed, wet or dry mixing, which mixes the raw materials in a homogeneous manner, compression, which transforms the powder obtained from the mixture into a tablet, and finally coating, which protects the tablet and gives it a more or less aesthetic look. It is a versatile job in which there is no such thing as routine. It is also a ‘noble’ and gratifying job in the sense that what we produce contributes directly to the well-being of animals and humans. I also very much appreciate my mission of training new people who join the team in these manufacturing stages. This versatility leaves no room for routine in my daily work.

Providing quality work, being productive and feeling good at work are for me essential components that are possible thanks in particular to cohesion, mutual aid and trust between people in the same team, but also a “quality” culture integrated by everyone.

In addition, the Group’s dynamism, its vision, its ambition to expand more and more internationally and to open up to new manufacturing techniques and new technologies are additional sources of motivation.

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Dimitri MONTEILHET tells us about his training and his work at Europhartech.

Working in health is highly motivating

Dimitri MONTEILHETProduction Operator

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Mélanie BIANCU tells us about her training and her work at Europhartech.

We help create medicines

Mélanie BIANCU Industrial Development Technician

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