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Since 1982, the Dômes Pharma teams have been supporting the day-to-day practice of veterinary surgeons through comprehensive and unique ranges of therapeutic specialities, strong expertise and value-added services. The strength and uniqueness of Dômes Pharma lies in our desire to place the relationship at the heart of our concerns and to cultivate our positive impact in the service of our customers.

Through a series of portraits, Dômes Pharma introduces you to the men and women of the Group who are committed to improving the health of our pets. Romain JOUVE, R&D Project Manager for the past 4 years, chose the word “federator” to describe his mission at Dômes Pharma. Discover his video and written testimonial:


My role is to act as a scientific relay, but I really need everyone’s help.

Romain JOUVER&D Project Manager

“I’ve been working as a Research and Development Project Manager at Dômes Pharma for 4 years. After engineering school and a doctorate specialising in chemistry, I worked for 2 years as a Project Manager in a laboratory where my mission was to manufacture active molecules. When I joined Dômes Pharma, I was able to satisfy my curiosity to learn more about drugs and broaden my field of action. Today, I work both on maintaining our existing products on the market and on development projects for new drugs and non-drugs.

My role is to be the conductor, as it were, of either a drug development project, in which case it’s essentially a question of meeting deadlines, or maintaining an existing drug on the market, in which case it’s a question of finding a solution quickly (new studies) to a specific problem that could threaten the continuity of supply and delivery of the drug. I work with almost all the departments at Dômes Pharma, from regulatory affairs, which is an undeniable component of my projects, to the supply chain department, via marketing, management control, legal affairs, etc. I really need everyone’s help, but the whole point of my job is to be able to take a step back from the project to reframe everyone’s expectations and get it moving in the right direction and at the right time. In my job, I spend a lot of time in meetings to get everyone involved in the project moving and united. I communicate a great deal, not only with my colleagues in the various departments, but also with our foreign subsidiaries, external partners, experts, various service providers, and so on. Communication and teamwork are really essential for me in my job.

My job is extremely varied and rich, I learn something new every day and that’s what I like about it. To be an R&D project manager, you have to be curious, tenacious, enjoy challenges and get out of your comfort zone.

The main challenges in this job are regulatory. You have to keep a constant eye on changing regulations, which are increasingly restrictive, and you have to be able to react quickly. And then there are the difficulties of working with so many people, because when you have so many people to deal with, you extend the schedule and the deadlines, so it’s sometimes difficult to get all the information in time to complete the project.

What’s really motivating at Dômes Pharma is the supportive and friendly working atmosphere and the resources that the management puts at the service of Research & Development. We are really given the means to come up with effective and innovative solutions. It’s also an independent, agile group where decisions are taken quickly, and that’s something we really appreciate.”