From you to us

Since 1982, the Dômes Pharma teams have been supporting the day-to-day practice of veterinary surgeons through comprehensive and unique ranges of therapeutic specialities, strong expertise and value-added services. The strength and uniqueness of Dômes Pharma lies in our desire to place the relationship at the heart of our concerns and to cultivate our positive impact for the benefit of our customers.

Inspired is the word chosen by Anne Moulin, President of Dômes Pharma in the USA and principal shareholder of the Group, to describe how the daily lives of veterinarians guide her mission and the development of DÔMES PHARMA. Discover her written and video testimony :


We develop healthcare solutions tailored to the needs of veterinarians, so everything starts with them and all our work is inspired by their daily lives.

Anne MoulinPresident of Dômes Pharma US

« Dômes Pharma is a healthcare company with expertise in a number of veterinary therapeutic specialities, including ophthalmology, the management of poisoning and the treatment of epilepsy. These are the areas on which we focus all our research and development efforts, as well as our commercial efforts. We are one of the few laboratories to have a head start in these specialist areas, and we need both to maintain it and to promote it more on the international stage. What sets us apart is our ability to treat veterinary pathologies that are neglected by most laboratories.

My vision of the veterinary world, of our customers, is that today they have their hands full. So our first mission is to help them make the most of their time by developing healthcare solutions tailored to their needs. They are the starting point for everything. Our work is inspired by their daily lives, their aspirations as regards the development of their profession, their expectations, their challenges… We must constantly ask ourselves how we can help them to do their job in the best possible way, but also to maintain the bond of trust they have with their customers, who are looking for the best possible care for their animals.

Dômes Pharma is humbled by the incredible work that veterinarians do every day. Our mission is to be at their side today and tomorrow, as we have been for 40 years, supporting them as best we can in their practice, without ever taking their place.

What makes me proud is the commitment of our teams to our international development project, and their understanding of the challenges facing the Group in exporting its areas of expertise beyond France’s borders.

In parallel with its international development, Dômes Pharma is pursuing a second major strategic objective, which is essential to ensuring its long-term future: reducing its environmental impact. We need to transform the way we design and manufacture our products to be more responsible.»