From you to us

Since 1982, the Dômes Pharma teams have been supporting the day-to-day practice of veterinary surgeons through comprehensive and unique ranges of therapeutic specialities, strong expertise and value-added services. The strength and uniqueness of Dômes Pharma lies in our desire to place the relationship at the heart of our concerns and to cultivate our positive impact for the benefit of our customers.

Through a series of portraits, Dômes Pharma introduces you to the men and women of the Group who are committed to improving the health of our pets. Partner is the word Nathalie Calisi chose to describe her mission at Dômes Pharma. Read her written testimonial and watch her video:


What’s essential in my work is the service I give to vets through my history.

Nathalie CalisiVeterinarian Technical Director

« Before joining Dômes Pharma, I was a practitioner for over sixteen years in various veterinary structures as an employee or company director. I mainly worked in the canine sector in pharmaceutical laboratories and in veterinary services at the Direction départementale de la protection des populations. At Dômes Pharma, I mainly work with the veterinary delegates to train them in the technical aspects of the products and with the marketing team to develop tools (infographics, instructions for use, technical sheets, etc.) that will really meet the real needs that veterinary carers have on a daily basis and that will make their practice easier. I also spend a lot of time on the phone with vets who call us because they’re having difficulty managing the pathology of an animal they’re looking after. They need technical support that, for a variety of reasons, they sometimes can’t find easily or quickly in their field. So we’re there to respond almost immediately, almost as a matter of urgency.

I also do a lot of my work in the field. I go to see the veterinary carers directly in their homes, in their facilities, and we discuss problems, I give them information, advice, training, etc. This service that I give to veterinary surgeons through my history and my own experience is the very essence of my profession. This service that I provide to veterinary surgeons, based on my history and my own experience as a practitioner, is the very essence of my profession.

In my opinion, having a technical manager who was a practitioner at the outset is a very valuable asset for a laboratory, as it allows them to offer all their experience and, above all, their knowledge of the problems faced by practitioners in the field. As there are fewer and fewer practitioners, their time management is very complicated, but they still need to be efficient. Veterinary medicine is evolving very rapidly, and they need to acquire a great deal of knowledge and tools on a daily basis to enable them to respond to emergencies and to the pressure, sometimes from owners who want the best for their animals. This is where the support of a veterinary technical manager comes into its own, because their job is emotionally very demanding. It’s vital to give them the time, availability and attention they need.

What I love about my job is working as part of a team. Being able to rely on each other is essential and that’s why I chose this family business. At Dômes Pharma, we’re first and foremost a team of human beings at the service of carers, vets and ASVs, the general public and animals. »