From you to us

Since 1982, the Dômes Pharma teams have been supporting the day-to-day practice of veterinary surgeons through comprehensive and unique ranges of therapeutic specialities, strong expertise and value-added services. The strength and uniqueness of Dômes Pharma lies in our desire to place the relationship at the heart of our concerns and to cultivate our positive impact for the benefit of our customers.

Through a series of portraits, Dômes Pharma introduces you to the men and women of the Group who are committed to improving the health of our pets. Responsible is the word Frédérique Duffraisse chose to describe her mission at Dômes Pharma. Read her written testimonial and watch her video:


I’m proud when I release a product that will go out to our customers and I’m sure of it’s quality

Frédérique DuffraisseQuality Control Technician

« My job is to control the quality of the products we manufacture so that they comply fully with the standards set by the relevant authorities and so that we can market safe, effective products of impeccable quality.

Quality control is a cornerstone of the production of medicines and healthcare products. It comes into play once the products have been developed by the R&D department. We check everything that comes into the factory: products, packaging items (i.e. the packaging for our products) and, of course, all the raw materials we need to manufacture our products. Once we have validated the conformity of these products, they go into production. Quality control then validates the conformity of the finished products one last time before they go to market.

We also intervene throughout the life of the product, i.e. we keep part of our products to monitor them over time. We store them in somewhat extreme conditions to check that they don’t deteriorate excessively and that when they expire, the quality and efficacy are still optimal for use.

I joined the Dômes Pharma Group 18 years ago in response to a job offer for a quality control technician and now I’m a reference technician with a bit more responsibility, which is very interesting.

My job is constantly changing because of technological innovations: new galenic forms, new analytical techniques… And we’re always asking more of our products: more tests, more precision in our analyses, etc. So there’s no such thing as routine, there’s never a dull moment and it’s really challenging and motivating.

What’s essential for me in my job is teamwork. You can’t work on your own, we all need each other to achieve the same goal: satisfying our customers. I’m proud when I go home and I’ve released a product that I’m absolutely sure is of the highest quality for our customers.

Dômes Pharma is a very dynamic group with big ambitions. The Group’s objective has always been to find solutions to problems encountered in the field by vets and pet owners that the big laboratories are not interested in. That makes it a very bold group. »