Dômes Pharma Group acquires SentrX Animal Care, Inc.

With the acquisition of SentrX Animal Care, Inc. Dômes Pharma expands its global leadership in veterinary ophthalmology while creating a launching pad for its therapeutic product franchises in North America.

Pont-du-Château, August 16, 2023
Dômes Pharma announces that it has finalized the acquisition of SentrX Animal Care, a US company based in Salt Lake City (Utah). SentrX develops and manufactures ophthalmology products based on its exclusive BioHAnce™ technology. BioHAnce™ is a patented crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid technology that enhances and accelerates natural healing, hydration and lubrication processes, while reducing the number of applications. The company, which has its own 2,000 m2 manufacturing plant, markets 3 products that have rapidly gained market share in the United States and Europe, notably in the UK, thanks to their effectiveness and ease of use.

Less than a year after the opening of its subsidiary in Boston (Massachusetts), this acquisition marks an important step in Dômes Pharma’s ambitions in North America, and confirms its positioning in veterinary ophthalmology. In France, the Auvergne-based independent group owns the TVM brand, a leader in this therapeutic field for almost 40 years and an expert in the management and treatment of poisoning and epilepsy. Since 2015 the Group has undertaken international expansion with the opening of subsidiaries in England, Germany, Spain and most recently the USA alongside a network of distributors in Europe.


Geographical, industrial and therapeutic synergies

For Anne Moulin, President of Dômes Pharma US and the 3rd generation to develop the family business, this acquisition is the culmination of the internationalization strategy she has instilled in the Group, and her decision to become personally involved in the North American adventure by moving to Boston in September 2022:

« We are delighted to have finalized the acquisition of SentrX Animal Care in such a short space of time. The geographic, industrial and therapeutic synergies between our 2 companies are so obvious that we were made for each other. For both SentrX and us, this acquisition comes at the right time, and will enable us to continue to assert our expertise in ophthalmology in Europe, and to establish ourselves in North America in one of the Group’s areas of excellence. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to expand more rapidly in the US, while awaiting the forthcoming FDA registration of our products. For SentrX, it’s an opportunity to pursue its development, particularly in Europe, by joining a human-scale group with the same vertical integration and expertise in animal health. SentrX products are highly complementary to our ophthalmology range, and their BioHAnceTM technology platform opens up promising new developments for our existing products. »

Anne Moulin, who takes over the management of SentrX, will be able to count on the support of Brian Segebrecht, the previous President and CEO, who was also convinced of the perfect complementarity of the 2 entities:

« The Domes Pharma organization has an impressive long-standing track record of excellence in bringing products to market that improve the lives of pets and those who care for them. However, throughout this sale process I have been most impressed by a shared set of values and aspirations between the two companies, particularly in the field of veterinary ophthalmology. As a result of this transaction more pet owners and veterinarians in more markets will have access to an improved offering of innovative ophthalmology solutions, ultimately improving the lives of more animals around the world, which is exciting. Anne Moulin has an amazing vision for accelerating access to our innovative BioHAnce™ technology, as well as other innovative animal health solutions, and I really look forward to supporting her as she builds upon the foundation the SentrX team has worked to establish over the last five years. »


BioHAnceTM, an exclusive technology that enhances natural healing processes

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human and animal body that plays a key role in hydration, tissue lubrication and wound healing processes. The rapid degradation of natural HA limits its clinical applications and effectiveness in the real world. The patented technology used in Sentrx products chemically modifies HA to make it more resistant to degradation, while providing an ideal environment for enhancing natural healing, hydration and lubrication processes.

SentrX eye and dermal products contain no active ingredients, but act as scaffolding materials that enable the natural healing process to occur more quickly.

Already leader in its category in the United Kingdom, SentrX products are not currently distributed in France or Spain. They will shortly be offered by Dômes Pharma subsidiaries.


About Dômes Pharma Group

The independent family group Dômes Pharma has been present in the pharmaceutical industry since 1947 and count 400 employees at 7 sites, with a consolidated turnover of €87 million ($95M) (2022). Since 2015 the Group has undertaken international expansion with the opening of subsidiaries in England, Germany, Spain and most recently the USA alongside a network of distributors in Europe.

For over 70 years, the Group has been developing, manufacturing and marketing solutions for the health and well-being of companion animals. Through its subsidiaries, the Dômes Pharma Group boasts 3 complementary areas of expertise, spanning the entire value chain and covering all distribution channels. Leaders in ophthalmology, poisoning management and epilepsy, our products meet real needs and often fill therapeutic gaps. Fully committed to improving access to veterinary medicine, we bring relevant improvements and innovation to veterinarians and pet owners in our areas of expertise.


About SentrX animal care, inc.

Founded in 2006 from patented technology developed with the University of Utah, SentrX is a Salt Lake City-based animal health company that develops and manufactures veterinary products for ophthalmology and wound care. SentrX transforms complex biotechnologies into easy-to-use care solutions that promote the longterm well-being of animals. The exclusive, patented BioHAnce™ technology uses advanced bioengineering to create a cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HA) molecular matrix that can be specifically modified for each particular formulation and tissue environment, including ocular and skin surfaces. It produces a cellular matrix with unique physical and chemical properties that enhances hydration, accelerates the body’s own healing processes and prolongs duration in tissue.

SentrX collaborates with a variety of veterinary academic institutions and practicing veterinarians. Its unique combination of medicinal chemistry, bioengineering and product manufacturing capabilities enables it to provide cutting-edge solutions for animal care.

SentrX was advised by the Animal Health Group at Corporate Finance Associates, an independent investment banking firm, on the transaction.