One Health

One Health

One Health is a movement created in the early 2000s that promotes an integrated, systemic and unified approach to public, animal and environmental health at local, national and global levels. It aims in particular to better deal with emerging diseases with pandemic potential.

It is based on an alliance between three UN entities (World Health Organization or WHO, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations or FAO and World Organisation for Animal Health or OIE) as well as major institutions. It is also based on the observation that about 60% of known infectious human diseases have an animal origin and that at least 70% of serious emerging or re-emerging diseases have for the past century almost always been zoonotic or vector-borne diseases, which may be favoured by ecological and/or climatic imbalances.



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Our slogan is inspired by the concept of “One health”.

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The Foundation

Dômes Pharma Foundation

In 2019, the Group created a Corporate Foundation dedicated to animal assisted therapy.

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