Call for animal mediation projects

5th April 2022


The Dômes Pharma Foundation launches its 2nd call for projects

Having witnessed for more than 70 years the unique bond between Man and Animal, the Dômes Pharma Group wished to create in 2019 a corporate Foundation dedicated to animal mediation. Its mission: to enable the most fragile among us to share a moment of complicity, relaxation or care with an animal in order to benefit from the profound and lasting benefits that this relationship brings. #LinkedbyNature

The Foundation invites charities and other authorised bodies to submit their requests for subsidies for their operating costs or for projects corresponding to the following criteria:

• The projects submitted must meet the Foundation’s objectives and thus enable the natural and benevolent links between humans and animals to be strengthened through animal mediation activities with preventive, therapeutic or welfare aims.

• The applicant organisation must have a genuine vocation of general interest, a proven social utility and a disinterested management.

• The Foundation intervenes by financing structures that are part of an approach based on respect for the well-being of humans and animals.

Since its creation, more than 30 projects and associations have already received grants, including : Les chiens du silenceAVAla Ronzière, l’Institut EquiphoriaSolivetVetericareSoleil AFELTLes mains dans les crinsGamelles pleinesFondation Frédéric Gaillanne

The application is available for France only on our website and must be completed before 20 June 2022. Click here to find out more.